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Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living

Zero Energy OfficeAnyway, What is a Zero Energy Office?

Undoubtedly, it is the wish of everyone to have a zero energy office. These are offices that are well-insulated, air-tight, and highly energy efficient. When in such an office, you are just producing and consuming totally renewable energy. This means you will neither pay for energy usage to a power supplier nor emit carbon inside the office.

Mostly, zero energy offices are referred to as ‘green’ as it combines advanced superior building designs with energy effectiveness and on-site solar panels. Due to their unique nature of energy production and usage, they are quite ultra-healthy, comfortable, quiet, and sustainable, making them very affordable to live in. Global climate change is one of the most pressing issues, and that is why many offices are taking a reasonable action.

The Limitation of Having a Zero Energy Office

However, it is worth noting that the initial investment of a zero energy office is quite high. Since not everyone can afford to raise this huge cash at once, something can be done to improve your current office. Just the simple things you think they have little impact on energy consumption, they can be equally important as any other energy-using system in your office.

Other Areas we Can Save Energy and Protect the Environment

To be specific, wine coolers are some of the small appliances that seem to consume little energy. Contrary to this kind of thinking, they consume a lot of power behind the scenes. There are basically two types of wine coolers; compressor cooler and thermoelectric coolers. Depending on your preference, you can choose to buy either.

But, let us look at advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Aspect of Energy Efficiency

energy efficiencyOne of the most critical concerns in every office is the utility bills. That is why it can make a lot of sense to ponder how much money you spend on running a wine cooler. Of course, many of us will first compare specs before anything else – and that is where we all go wrong. First, thermoelectric wine coolers run constantly while their compressor counterparts operate in cycles (on and off). It is very clear the thermoelectric coolers consume higher energy than compressor coolers, and therefore someone with a thermoelectric cooler is likely to pay more on energy bills.

It is also important to know that energy efficiency of thermoelectric coolers is considerably affected by ambient temperatures. If the difference in temperature within the cooler and the outside is too huge, the cooler is likely to use more electricity in order to balance the two temperature differences. Since compressor cooler operates even more efficiently during hot weathers, it can be a nice pick if you want to save on energy cost.

Another important thing to note is the difference in wattage rate for the two. A 28-bottle single-zone thermoelectric cooler is rated at 70 watts while a similar compressor unit is rated at 85 watts. Going to the next level in unit’s size, a 33-bottle compressor is rated at 85 watts while a 32-bottle thermoelectric unit is rated at 140 watts. The reason for this dramatic shift is that the larger the cooler, the higher the number of Peltier devices it will use. However, a compressor unit of any size will only use a single Peltier device as opposed to thermoelectric coolers that use more Peltier devices depending on its size. If you want a bigger wine cooler, it is better to buy a compressor cooler if you want to save more on energy bills.

Aspect of Environmental Protection

Environmental ProtectionMost of the coolants used in the modern wine coolers emit greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which contribute to global warming. Additionally, the refrigerants are highly hazardous and should be properly disposed of. Thermoelectric wine coolers are environmentally friendly as they don’t use refrigerants like their compressor counterparts. The components of a thermoelectric wine cooler can be disposed anywhere or just recycled because they are not harmful.

Note that, environmental protection is as important as saving money on energy cost. Don’t forget that negative impacts on the environment will affect all of us. So, it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly wine cooler to include in your office, thermoelectric models can be your best pick.


The Research Report on Application of Low-Carbon Technology at Home!

Low-CarbonA research on the application of low-carbon technology at homes almost covered on space heaters. As opposed to perceptions of many people, even a 100% energy efficient electric heater will not offer full efficiency as long as it is using a non-renewable electricity source. According to the report, this was pointed out factoring in the entire energy consumption of the power plant and the heater itself.

Even the geothermal electricity converts about 35% of its heat into electricity, and thus an electric heater that uses geothermal electricity will not offer 100% efficiency. In short, you can achieve full energy efficiency if the electricity source is renewable. The electrical heat is probably the most expensive and least efficient for space heating unless your electrical consumption rates are significantly subsidized.

The study found that all the energy efficient heater ratings do not ‘exist’ because the heater elements are converting electricity to heat energy. The fundamental concern starts from the energy conversion right at the source. If you are looking for the most energy-efficient electric heater, it is advisable to start seeking for one that is more ‘effective’ – not really efficient, according to the study results analysis.

How Electric heaters Work

Low-Carbon LivingAn electric heater passes current through a wire, which is electrically-resistant. Through this resistance, the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. And that is how they are said to be energy efficient. However, given that some models use fans to blow air around, the energy used for powering the fans is not actually converted into heat. According to the study, this is true unless all aspects of the law of entropy are factored in.

According to the study done for the space heaters for heating large rooms, there is more energy lost during the generation at the plant. For instance, a coal or fossil fuel powered plant, about 55% of energy is lost during the production of electricity. During the electricity transmission, a maximum of 6% of energy is also lost. Therefore, a 100% electric heater will be at most 45% efficient. The exception of the issue of 100% efficiency for electric heaters is the heat pump. Heat pumps usually provide more heat than the resistant-based electric heater, and that is why many people say they are 100% efficient.

Types of Electric Heaters

Since you have an overview of how electric heaters operate, now I will outline the types of electric heaters. So, you can continue reading so that you can understand about each of them.

Central electric heaters

These involve either the use of air-electric furnaces with room vents and ductworks or air-electric boilers with radiators installed in every room. For the air electric furnace heating system, air is heated by a heating element, then compelled through a furnace by a fan, and then pumped through various ducts that are installed throughout a house. On the other hand, forced-air boiler heating system involves heating water by a heating element, and then the hot water starts circulating with the help of an electric pump or on its own.

Baseboard electric heaters

These ones spread heat by both convection and conduction. Convection occurs when heated air expands, becomes light, rises, and draws some colder air in from underneath. The air currents draw the heat into and around the house. Conduction occurs when heat is transferred from a heating element to the surrounding air in the house.

Movable energy saving space heater

Low-Carbon Technology at HomeThese can operate by radiation or convection. The most common types are the movable convection heaters and movable radiative heaters. The radiative heaters use a very hot heating element that is enclosed in a bulb-like glass tube. A reflective metal strip at the back of the tube directs the radiative energy to the surrounding space. The convection heaters are like baseboard convection heaters, though a fan may be used to propel heated air in a specific direction in order to be distributed throughout a room.

In conclusion, the study provides broad information about resistant-based electric heaters. Typically, the resistant-based electric heaters are energy efficient electric heaters. However, different heaters distribute heat energy in different ways that can be less or more effective for the intended job. According to the research, it will be more appropriate to talk about energy effectiveness with which the heaters satisfy your heating needs rather than speaking of efficiency!

money on trees

Money Still Doesn’t Grow on Trees! – Environmental Thermostats

money on treesNo one would turn down a good deal. Everyone is looking for ways to save money on anything they buy. Suppose someone reveals to you a ‘secrete’ to cut cost on all your bills by 50%? I think that cost saving is even too high! Some will want to reduce their monthly bills just by as low as 10%. This is a clear indication that money remains to be a scarce resource. However, do you agree with me that for you to save money, you must use some money first?

Alright, the issue of saving on energy bills is a concern for almost all homeowners out there. Many approaches have been attempted in order to cut energy expenses, as half of every home’s energy is spent on heating and cooling. The interesting thing with air conditioning systems is that they are ever running. When it is hot or cold, you need to cool or warm your living space respectively.

money saving tips

As to what I can refer to as ‘human nature’, people will always resist to changes; whether good or bad. According to a report published last year, many homeowners are reluctant to warm up to the newly introduced energy saving gadgets – smart thermostats. Even though several homeowners have a typical thermostat, there is a significant different between a traditional thermostat and a smart thermostat as far as energy saving is concerned.

Apart from the many ‘selling-posts’ that are continuously posted on various websites for to marketing and attracting potential customers, the issue of smart thermostats should be viewed from a different perspective. We are talking about saving on energy bills, which also has a beneficial environmental impact. If you are truly for environmental protection, I can see a solid reason to have a smart thermostat.

Environmental Benefits of Using Smart Thermostats

Help to conserve natural resources

conserve natural resourcesEnergy or power is produced using natural resources. If more power is in demand, there are more power plants that will be established to cater for the increasing market demand. This is not as business as usual because more land will be developed, meaning deforestation must occur. During power production, other natural resources must be depleted.  Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on nature.

Having a smart thermostat helps to regulate your energy usage, and thus conserving power. Since the Wi-Fi thermostats can be operated remotely, you can switch off heating or cooling if no one is in the house. If almost all homeowners can regulate their energy consumption in such an efficient manner, there would be no need to connect additional power to the national grid.


The industries are already releasing a lot of heat to the environment. This heat is certainly enough so far, and we want more improved ways to prevent increasing emissions into the environment. If every home uses extremely high energy, more heat is just being released to the environment. To prevent unwanted energy usage, installing a smart thermostat is the way to go. Probably, a big percentage of homeowners forget to switch their heating systems when leaving in the house. If there is no one to turn off the system, it will continue running for hours until the owner returns in the evening. What if you just traveled overseas only to be back after a week?

However, controlling a smart thermostat is as easy as tapping on your smartphone when connected to the internet. Every smart thermostat model has its own version of a mobile app, which you can download to your tablet or any other mobile device. You can control the heating regardless of your location. If all homeowners could have this magic gadget, energy consumption can reduce by a significant margin.

Other Benefits

Save money

This is one of the basic benefits of using smart thermostats. Estimated cost of heating and cooling cost accounts for 40% to 50% of the total cost of every home’s energy consumption. By installing and using a smart thermostat properly, you can get the returns on investment within a year. Most of the newest smart thermostats have all useful features you would want for regulating your home’s climate and temperature.

Improved comfort at home

With a smart thermostat, your home’s climate and temperature can be controlled in a more accurate manner. The gadget can sense immediately whenever there is a drop or rise in temperature, and then regulate it accordingly. You just relax comfortably and let the thermostat do its job.


organic fertilizers

How Does Waste help Plants Grow?

organic fertilizersIn this context, waste refers to organic materials that decompose to form organic fertilizers. The advocacy of organic farming has tied the use of waste to produce chemical-free fertilizers. Many state departments of agriculture support this move and that is why many organic farms and ranches are being established worldwide. Organic fertilizers help plants in multiple ways, whether it is for large-scale or small-scale farming.

Organic fertilizer is produced through digesting remains of food materials or vegetation that are consumed by animals. It passes nutrients to the soil so that plants can take them up. Organic fertilizer loosens compact clay soil, tightens loose sandy soil, and improves soil’s permeability. Since it is a processed organic material, organic fertilizer is a better alternative to chemical fertilizers for enhancing the garden soil.

It is not a must to use a processed organic fertilizer as the food waste materials generated in your kitchen can be used directly in the garden. You just need to decompose them first and then transfer the rotting sludge to the garden. In many developed countries, municipalities are encouraging homeowners to have garbage disposals. These are appliances used to grind food waste materials and then flush them down the drain. The liquid waste is transported to a sewage treatment plant.

Just before going to the benefits of fertilizers to plants, allow me to explain briefly the two of the many benefits of having a small garbage disposal at home.

First, it helps you to save money. A garbage disposal reduces drainage issues, which in turn prevents frequent plumbing costs. There are well-designed garbage disposals that can grind some harder food materials and flush them down the drain pipes without causing clogs. In case blockage occurs, the disposal can help you to unclog without calling a plumber!

Second, it eliminates bad odors from your kitchen. With a garbage disposal, you don’t need to store most of the waste in the bin. It ensures no food waste is left to rot, which causes a bad odor whenever you enter the kitchen. A disposal’s motor is capable of grinding and flushing the waste into the drain pipe.

You should note that the use of garbage disposals helps sewage treatment plants to generate useful products from the waste. One of the products is methane that can be used as cooking fuel. On the other hand, the compact residue left (sludge) is rich in nutrients and beneficial bacteria, which can help plants if used as fertilizer. In other words, most of the organic fertilizers nowadays come from the sewage treatment plants.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers to Plants

 benefits of organic fertilizer

Improve plant growth

The basic benefit of organic fertilizers is to enhance the quality of soil by adding more nutrients. The fundamental ingredients in organic fertilizers include phosphate, phosphorous, and nitrogen. Nitrogen, in particular, is quite essential for plant growth. Even though nitrogen is in plenty in the atmosphere, its natural form is not readily fit to be utilized by plants. So, organic fertilizers provide ready nitrogen that can be taken up by plants without causing burning effects in the roots. Also, the nitrogen contained in organic fertilizers does not harm the useful microorganism in the soil.

Prevents diseases

A healthy plant is capable of resisting some diseases. However, it is likely to suffer from stunted growth if it lacks enough nutrients because diseases carrying bacteria can easily interfere with its growth. When organic fertilizers are supplied in adequate quantities, they provide plants with sufficient nutrients. This helps plants to growth healthy, hence attaining strong ‘immune’ to resist certain diseases.

Prevents invasion by parasites

Just like diseases, a healthy plant is likely to prevent invasion by parasites. Parasites usually take advantage of plant injuries, and then they find their way into the plant’s system. If a plant is supplied with adequate nutrients it needs, the tissues grow strongly and can repair injuries as soon as possible before parasites invade. Therefore, organic fertilizers have the required nutrients for the plants to grow healthy.

Prevent scorching effects

Scorching occurs on the plant leaves. This problem is neither caused by parasites nor diseases. It is usually brought by severe dehydration, especially if the soil doesn’t have enough moisture content. As we mentioned earlier, organic fertilizers help the soil to retain moisture. So, organic fertilizers prevent the problem of leaf scorch.

What is Reverse Osmosis

Grow Tip: Don’t Filter Your Water – The True Usage of Reverse Osmosis Systems

What is Reverse Osmosis, Anyway?

What is Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis simply referred to as RO, is a process of water purification that utilizes technology almost similar to ultra-filtration. A semi-permeable membrane is used to remove larger molecules from the normal water in order to produce pure water (solvent), which can be used for drinking, domestic purposes, agriculture, and industrial purposes. However, during reverse osmosis pressure is applied against the osmotic pressure, a process that is stimulated by a thermodynamic parameter of chemical potential.

Reverse osmosis gets rid of many particles (molecules and ions) from contaminated water. These particles include microorganisms and bacteria, and therefore resulting in clean and safe water for drinking. Many portable water packages are produced through RO, as well as in the production of industrial pure water that is used in chemical applications.

During the RO process, the solute is kept on the pressurized side of the semi-permeable membrane while the solvent is forced to pass through it. The membrane is highly ‘selective’ as it allows only smaller particles or molecules of water to pass freely while the larger molecules are retained.

For the water to pass through the membrane, a pressure is applied to the concentrated solution. A pump can be used to provide the pressure so that water and other lighter molecules (usually less than 200 grams per mole) are allowed to pass through the tiny pores of the membrane. The modern RO system is normally installed using a cross-flow so that the membrane can clean itself continuously, meaning that the ‘rejected’ particles are swept away from the semi-permeable membrane.

Is RO Water Ideal for Your Garden?

RO WaterOne of the main concerns about the use of RO water in gardens is the absence of some essential minerals. However, there is a way to add minerals back into RO water so that you can use it for your plants. But, our case here is whether or not RO is good for plants. This article will explore briefly that area so that you can have a clear understanding of this issue.

For plant growers, it is important to balance the intake of nutrients by your plants so that they can thrive well. Traditional water (contaminated water) contains a high level of impurities, which makes the nutrient-balance difficult to achieve. With RO water, you can provide the plants with pure water free from contaminants at their initial growth stage. This helps you calculate the mineral balance accurately, as well as eliminating the possible reactions if you use chemically-manufactured fertilizers.

When it comes to disadvantages of RO water, one of them is that a large amount of water that goes to waste. If you want to use RO water for a large garden, perhaps you are going to spend more money on water bills. On average, 3 gallons of tap water are used to produce one single gallon of pure water. So, there is a lot of water that will go to waste if you switch from normal to RO water. Another disadvantage is the absence of salts that are wanted by the plants to grow well. Some growers usually add fertilizer salts in order to restore the suitable salt content. The recommended amount of salt is one teaspoon per gallon of reverse osmosis water.

Even though many people claim that RO water is not good for plants, I would say it is. The disadvantages can be managed so that you can only enjoy the advantages. As mentioned earlier, there are ways to add essential minerals in your RO water in order to make it nutritious for your plants.

The Actual Applications of Reverse Osmosis System

Apart from purifying water for drinking, reverse osmosis systems are largely applied in commercial and industrial settings where a large amount of pure water is required. The RO system should operate at pressures between 150 psig and 1,000 psig depending on the semi-permeable membrane used and level of water quality to be treated. Some applications may require the use of a series of membranes in order to produce a greater purity of water.

The wastewater can also be forced through other advanced membranes to maximize RO water generation without wasting a huge amount of water. However, the wastewater may be flushed if some bad odor is detected.  The most common applications of reverse osmosis include desalination of brackish water, desalination of seawater, generation of ultrapure water, and treatment of wastewater.


toilet flush

How Much Water Does a Public Toilet Use Per Flush? Improving Efficiency

toilet flushThe best answer to answer this question is straightforward; public toilets use an almost same amount of water as home toilets per flush. The only difference is the number of people who use that toilet per day. The higher the number of public toilet users, it is perceptibly expected that more water will be used. However, there is one thing that every person should know when it comes to water usage in toilets. Different types of toilets use water differently per flush. This can be illustrated appropriately by comparing the oldest, older, newer, and the newest toilet models.

Let’s compare them briefly…

water usage in toiletsToilets that were manufactured before 1980 use a large amount of water per flush, usually 5 to 7 gallons per flush. Those that were manufactured in the 1980s use about 3.5 gallons per flush. If you consider an old public toilet, definitely there is a high amount of water that goes to waste on a daily basis.

The toilets that were manufactured in the 1990s use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush. Some of the newer models, including which are being manufactured nowadays, use as little as 1.2 gallons per flush. The modern toilets that use the least amount of water per flush are known as water certified, but this may depend on which state or country you reside. In short, flushing toilets are highly efficient in water conservation. Interestingly, they provide a perfect flushing just as the old toilets.

How to Improve Efficiency in Public Toilets

Upgrade to Water Saving Toilets

Upgrading to modern water saving toilets is the biggest investment to carry out. You can choose to install dual-flush toilets, which are normally advocated by municipalities all over nowadays. If investing in a new dual-flush is too costly for your budget, there are dual-flush conversion kits available at retail prices – about $15 to $20 per kit. There are also toilet top sinks, which are perfect for public toilets. Once a person flushes the toilet, water is directed to a faucet for hand wash first before it drains into the toilet bowl.

Minimize Water Usage in Toilets

water usage in toilets 2This may sound impractical, but in the real sense, it is possible. A simple method is to reduce the amount of water required to fill the tank after every single flush. Those people who provide public toilet services or working in any facility with public toilets can use a Fill Cycle Diverter, which diverts some water to the tank instead of filling the toilet bowl. So, the bowl will be refilled with water quickly, which in turn saves about half a gallon per flush. The displacement devices occupy the space in the tanks, hence reducing the amount of water required to fill it. On the other hand, a tank bank is another useful tool that can minimize water usage in public toilets. It clips onto the tank’s side and displaces about 0.8 gallons in every flush.

Advocating Less Often Flushing Habit

This method is very practical when it comes to public toilets where there are urinal sections for gents. Users should only use the urinal option for short calls instead of using toilets. After all, there should be a sticker prohibiting

flushing toilets after short calls. For the ladies, as they cannot use a urinal section like gents, the toilet keepers should ensure they flush the toilet in a timely manner to ensure tissue papers do not clog the drains.

Reuse Shower Water

For those facilities that offer both shower and toilet services, it is advisable to embrace reusing shower water. When a person enters a bathroom and opens the shower valve to allow the water to heat up, a significant amount of water goes to waste. Buckets should be placed in every bathroom, and then the users are informed to collect the cold water into those buckets. As someone takes a shower, some of the splashing water will also be collected into the buckets. After the shower, the bucket containing water should be picked and emptied into a tank outside the bathroom and then it is returned in the bathroom.

Breakfast Bar Overhang

How to Design a Public Office Kitchen for a Long Term Use? A Case Study

Public Office KitchenIf you are running an organization or a business where a public kitchen is a necessity, a professional interior design of the kitchen can do the trick. This is the place where food for your guests will be prepared and served. Obviously, a highly qualified chef is required to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. But a good kitchen should be practical, meaning that both aesthetic and function should be put into consideration during the designing process.

So, the following is a case study on the practical design aspects that should be kept in mind during the designing process.

  • Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are commonly used in industrial, chemical, and consumer applications. They are essentially comprised of low carbon steel that contains a small ingredient of chromium, which gives the steel its unique corrosion resistance, stainless, and durability properties. The increased corrosion resistance properties are enhanced by the availability of chromium together with other elements such as nitrogen, nickel, and molybdenum. Nickel, in particular, gives the steel its bright appearance. With a good quality stainless steel sink in the office kitchen, it will last long before considering a replacement.

  • Breakfast Bar Overhang

Breakfast Bar OverhangIt is important to include bar stools in the kitchen island as they are perfect for separating the other office spaces from the kitchen. Since it is a public kitchen, there is no need for privacy as there is much movement in and out of the kitchen. The breakfast bar is essential for your visitors to sit and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine as they wait for you. It is also wiser to add an overhang on the island to allow some legroom for guests sitting on the bar stools. You can allow a 30 to 50 cm overhang on one side of the island to ensure your guests sit comfortably.

  • Dishwasher Placement and Accessibility

Placing dishwater within arm’s reach of the sink is important because you will prevent unnecessary dripping of food, dirty water, or cooking oil on the floor. Once the utensils are rinsed, they can be easily placed directly in the dishwasher. You will have also minimized the task of mopping the kitchen too often. Your public office kitchen is likely to receive many visitors on a daily basis, and therefore you would not want your guests to step on dirty water on the floor. Additionally, placing a dishwasher near the sink helps to connect the dishwasher plumbing to the taps and drains.

  • Trash Bin Location

This may depend on the layout of the kitchen, but most of the contemporary kitchens are designed appropriately to fit all necessities. A bin is used for throwing trash and solid food scraps. However, you may also want to throw some trash from other rooms. This implies that the bin should be placed somewhere everyone can access it easily. As a suggestion, place it at the end of an island or bench near the kitchen entrance. This allows you to throw some trash as you pass by rather than walking into the kitchen. If you have a compost bin, it can be placed anywhere close to the food preparation area or near the entrance. Basically, you want to make the bin easily accessible by all people working from your office.

  • Cupboard Socket Installation

Nowadays, modern kitchens have cupboards where you can put kettles and toasters. Days are gone when people used to place appliances on the worktops. Therefore, your kitchen interior designer should consider socket installation inside the cupboards. To this end, your chef(s) will be plugging in the appliances easily whenever needed. It is also advisable to install more double-sockets since you may have several appliances. Don’t forget your office kitchen will also need additional appliances like the food processor and coffee machine.

  • Adequate Lighting

Adequate LightingLast but not least, you need to install adequate lighting in the kitchen. Remember this is a public kitchen and some items might be scattered because more than one person operates from there. Some items such as sharp knives and hot ovens can cause accidents, and therefore proper lighting is required. You can choose to have a combination of under-cabinet lights, ceiling lights, and pendant lights to ensure all dark corners are well illuminated.


benefits of high pressure showerhead

Is it Worth Paying for a High-Pressure Showerhead to Increase Water Pressure?

High-Pressure ShowerheadsIf you just bought a new home, congratulations for that significant investment! In addition to those already living in contemporary homes, you deserve a luxurious living experience in all aspects. To be sincere, water is one of the major things that make a house worth living, excluding other factors such as location and interior spaces.

When you notice a low water pressure in the entire house, it can be due to municipal water supply system or plumbing issues in your house. You can call a local plumber to assess the plumbing system and fix blockages or replace corroded pipes if problem is within your house. It could also be the main control valve that needs to be twisted all the way, and this can be done even without assistance from an expert.

Sometimes, bathroom plumbing can be the cause of low water pressure in your shower. One of the causes could be corroded pipes or a clogged showerhead. This is a DIY task that will take a few minutes to finish. However, it is advisable to check a few guides on how to clean a clogged showerhead.

That said, it is important to understand that there are different types of showerheads, basically categorized into high-pressure and low-pressure showerheads. No matter how much money you invest in a designer showerhead but without a perfect shower pressure, your shower experience will just be mind-numbing. A strong shower is essential in the morning in order to feel rejuvenated as you start the day. Now, you need to invest in an excellent high-pressure showerhead.

High-Pressure ShowerheadAs this website provides accurate information, it is important for homeowners to know that high-pressure showerheads are designed to offer a higher water pressure whereas maintaining a steady water flow. Some newest models have adjustable spray setting while others have combined spray setting and pressure chambers that provide an ideal shower pressure. The combination forces water out with an elevated pressure for a better shower experience. Therefore, let’s look at the benefits of high-pressure shower.

Benefits of High-Pressure Showerheads

Offer a better shower

FinestShower states that if you have high-pressure showerhead in your bathroom, definitely you will enjoy a good time in the room. No frustrating issues of low water pressure that won’t leave your skin sparkling clean. After a long working day, you want to have a good shower within the shortest time possible. Believe it, a high-pressure showerhead will guarantee you that!

Less time consuming

The high-pressure showerheads are fast, especially when you want to take a quick shower before going to bed. There is no need to spend almost an hour in the bathroom trying to wash off soap on your body. Getting a quick shower is one the most obvious advantage of high-pressure showerheads.

Conserves water

When water is flowing at a high pressure, it is less wasted. So, they are environmentally friendly and eco-friendly because you will also save a few bucks on your utility bills. Low-pressure showerheads tend to pour little water but for a longer time, meaning more gallons are going to be wasted on daily basis. Therefore, reduce your utility bills and save that money for other expenditure.

Provides a cleaner feeling

benefits of high pressure showerheadIf you have been using a low-pressure showerhead, perhaps you have walked out of the bathroom with some shampoo in your hair. This is possible, especially when you want to take a quick shower and rush for a meeting. With a high-pressure showerhead, it guarantees you a thorough quick rinsing. It is worth noting that shampoo buildup in the hair can damage it over time!

Prevent illness

This is true because high-pressure showerheads do not suffer from clogs often like their low-pressure counterparts. That means bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms can breed in clogged low-pressure showerheads. High-pressure showerheads wash off any bacteria, and therefore you will have no fear of contracting diseases. There are also new designs with silicon rubberized nozzles for self-cleansing, as well as resisting calcium buildup and other deposits caused by hard water.

Provides some therapeutic effect

Last but not least, a high-pressure shower has been found to offer some soothing and relaxation to exhausted muscles. According to various massage therapists, having a high-pressure shower is another version of massage that can help reduce muscle cramps and pain. Don’t forget that massage is one of the best methods to improve moods and reduce mental stress after a tiring day.

contemporary office settings

The Latest Cutting Edge Innovation for Offices!

innovation for OfficesTo what professional interior designers refer as ‘contemporary office setting’, the ongoing innovations in working environments are incredibly rewarding to workers. There is much improvement which is has been implemented including aerated office space, energy efficient building walls, energy saving lighting, reliable drinking water supply and many other things. However, the latest cutting-edge innovation in offices touches directly to the health of the workers. In the recent past, efforts have been made to address the negative impacts brought by prolonged sitting.

An overview of a report published last year indicated that sitting in an office for more than 6 hours can cause low back pains. Prolonged sitting in a typical office chair is a motionless posture, which increases stress in the shoulders, arms, back, and legs. The stress, in particular, exerts too much pressure on the spinal discs and back muscles. The situation is made worse when you slouch over or down, leading to overstretching the discs, spinal ligaments, and other surrounding structures. Over time, this can cause long time back pains that could attract serious medical attention!

low back pain

To find a lasting solution to this problem, office chair designers have come up with more improved ergonomic chairs. You might have heard about them or you just bought a few recently. It should be noted clearly that some of the chairs being sold in the market do not meet the requirements of actual ergonomic chairs. For that reason, I will outline the features you should find in real ergonomic chairs.

Properly adjustable seat height

If you bought a chair that doesn’t have a proper adjustable seat height, you need to go back to the market. An ideal ergonomic office chair must be adjustable up to your calf length so that your feet can rest squarely and flatly on the ground, as well as leaving a comfortable space for your legs under the office desk. In addition to adjustable seat height, it should come with a lever to allow height adjustments.

Properly fitted seat depth

This should be a crucial thing to check as you shop for an ergonomic office chair. The seat should allow your back to rest comfortably against the back of the chair. If your current office chair has a deep seat, you are likely to slouch or lean too far back. Basically, an ergonomic chair comes with an adjustable back that is well fitted to allow sitting in an upright position while the spine is leaning against the back of the chair. The chair should also allow a small space, about 3″ between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees.

Properly adjustable back with appropriate lumbar support

An ergonomic office chair should have an adjustable back so that you can adjust its lower back support to match with your lumbar height and curvature. Perhaps, your current office chair does not fit your lower back and that is why you keep on slouching. When you slouch too often, you are likely to suffer from back pain. The ergonomic office chairs are designed to address the issues of back pains, and that is why you need to buy a chair that can support your lumbar properly.

Appropriate arm support

Professionally designed comfortable office chairs have armrest to offer an extra support and comfort. The chairs with this feature are suitable for people who have existing back pain. However, you can prevent future back pains by replacing your traditional chair with the new office chairs. Since people have different tastes and preferences, ergonomic chair designers came up with chairs without armrests. However, they have all other basic ergonomic features to enhance comfort for the users.

Comfortable seat material and padding

Ergonomic office chairs come in a wide variety of seating material and padding designs. People have different preferences when it comes to comfort, and therefore you need to select those chairs with adequate cushioning and support. Adequate cushioning means you do not feel bulky or extreme padding material. There are also ergonomic chairs with cushioned back while others have a porous mesh back. With the wide selection, you can choose depending on what provides maximum comfort.

There are many benefits of using ergonomic office chairs over the traditional chairs. If you have been using a conventional office chair and already you have back pains, try an ergonomic office chair to feel the difference. Remember such pains can spread to other parts of the body over time. So, making a decision as soon as possible is highly recommended.

A massage therapist

Massage Chairs vs Human Massage! Does Technology Really Replace Human Touch?

Massage Chairs vs Human MassageAs they say, “money is not everything, but it is the only thing”. Nowadays, economic diversity is giving more people better opportunities to accumulate wealth and become rich. This, in turn, increases the demand for more luxurious lifestyles, especially the need for ‘self-contained’ homes. When I say self-contained homes I mean a home equipped with high-tech household products. And truly, technology continues to improve people’s lives.

Some of the most trending high-tech products are massage chairs. At first, when they were introduced in the market, they were only available in various parlor centers and salon shops. As the technology advancement hit the next level, now you can find different types of massage chairs to include in your home or office. Interestingly, they are accessible everywhere; in the malls, stores, and in everyday retail businesses.

However, will the technology used in these massage chairs going to replace the traditional human massage touch? This question is among the many aspects buyers tend to consider before buying a new massage chair. I won’t answer that question with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options, but as you continue reading this article you will realize the difference.

Alright, the newest massage chairs are designed incorporating various customizable settings and choices. They have remotes for selecting what you want. Whether you want some massage on the lower back or around the neck region, they have features to allow you to choose an area of focus. Also, you can change settings to full-body massage therapy. For those that want some deep rub or lighter rolling, a massage chair offers the options.

But can a machine replace a trained human massage therapist? Continue reading to get the answer…

A massage therapist A massage therapist is skilled and capable of bringing about a healing effect. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you will realize a masseuse offers a holistic, comforting, and therapeutic massage therapy. This is because you can feel the touch of another human, meaning there is some energy being transferred to you from that person. A massage chair has no feelings and won’t be able to identify other hidden problems apart from massaging an aching area upon your selection. A massage therapist is trained and knowledgeable to understand where the exact problem is.

Another unbiased issue is the ability to provide the desired massage pressure. A typical massage chair is not capable of delivering exact pressure required. If you want a very deep tissue massage, the ideal pressure can be obtained from a therapist. Additionally, massage chairs cannot be adjusted to provide different massage pressure levels at the same time. For instance, there are no options to have strong tissue massage in one area and a lighter pressure in another. In short, a therapist allows a communicative massage process whereby you can point out areas where a deep or light pressure is required.

Massage Chairs: The Popular Models in the Market

Hope the ‘question’ is already answered. But, I’m not despising the fact that massage chairs are incredibly good for us. The high-end ones are even designed to mimic the human’s touch, and they can really offer some physical healing and comforting therapy. If you are in the mood to buy a new massage chair, here are some of the top quality massage chairs reviews to help you choose from.


This is one of the best selling massage chairs in the market. It is designed to provide deep body massage. It offers some improved healing and therapeutic for back pains and shoulder area.


This is another advanced massage chair with innovative Brainstonics feature inside. It is designed for firm massage therapy, which improves your mental and physical performance.


Betasonic is known to offer a relaxing massage therapy. It is designed for relaxing and softer massage. It relieves depression, anxiety, stress, and boosts moods.

Hilton 2

Hilton 2 is an exclusive massage chair that is designed for smooth silky massage action. It is also beautifully designed with easy-to-use touches.

2 Key Reasons to Buy a Massage Chair

There are several reasons to have a massage chair in your home, whether or not you seek massage therapy frequently. The two major reasons are cost and time.


The economic benefits of investing in massage chairs are usually noticed over time. Human massage is typically costly, even though the price per session may seem little. Assuming you normally pay $100 per therapy once in a month, this is $1,200 per year. A massage chair costing $5,000 will return the investment within a period of 4 years, and then continue enjoying unlimited massage therapies at your comfort.


Unlike human massage therapies, massage chairs eliminate the issue of scheduling appointments. This means you can plan your days and time well, and even incorporate other activities such as exercising.