Breakfast Bar Overhang

How to Design a Public Office Kitchen for a Long Term Use? A Case Study

Public Office KitchenIf you are running an organization or a business where a public kitchen is a necessity, a professional interior design of the kitchen can do the trick. This is the place where food for your guests will be prepared and served. Obviously, a highly qualified chef is required to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. But a good kitchen should be practical, meaning that both aesthetic and function should be put into consideration during the designing process.

So, the following is a case study on the practical design aspects that should be kept in mind during the designing process.

  • Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are commonly used in industrial, chemical, and consumer applications. They are essentially comprised of low carbon steel that contains a small ingredient of chromium, which gives the steel its unique corrosion resistance, stainless, and durability properties. The increased corrosion resistance properties are enhanced by the availability of chromium together with other elements such as nitrogen, nickel, and molybdenum. Nickel, in particular, gives the steel its bright appearance. With a good quality stainless steel sink in the office kitchen, it will last long before considering a replacement.

  • Breakfast Bar Overhang

Breakfast Bar OverhangIt is important to include bar stools in the kitchen island as they are perfect for separating the other office spaces from the kitchen. Since it is a public kitchen, there is no need for privacy as there is much movement in and out of the kitchen. The breakfast bar is essential for your visitors to sit and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine as they wait for you. It is also wiser to add an overhang on the island to allow some legroom for guests sitting on the bar stools. You can allow a 30 to 50 cm overhang on one side of the island to ensure your guests sit comfortably.

  • Dishwasher Placement and Accessibility

Placing dishwater within arm’s reach of the sink is important because you will prevent unnecessary dripping of food, dirty water, or cooking oil on the floor. Once the utensils are rinsed, they can be easily placed directly in the dishwasher. You will have also minimized the task of mopping the kitchen too often. Your public office kitchen is likely to receive many visitors on a daily basis, and therefore you would not want your guests to step on dirty water on the floor. Additionally, placing a dishwasher near the sink helps to connect the dishwasher plumbing to the taps and drains.

  • Trash Bin Location

This may depend on the layout of the kitchen, but most of the contemporary kitchens are designed appropriately to fit all necessities. A bin is used for throwing trash and solid food scraps. However, you may also want to throw some trash from other rooms. This implies that the bin should be placed somewhere everyone can access it easily. As a suggestion, place it at the end of an island or bench near the kitchen entrance. This allows you to throw some trash as you pass by rather than walking into the kitchen. If you have a compost bin, it can be placed anywhere close to the food preparation area or near the entrance. Basically, you want to make the bin easily accessible by all people working from your office.

  • Cupboard Socket Installation

Nowadays, modern kitchens have cupboards where you can put kettles and toasters. Days are gone when people used to place appliances on the worktops. Therefore, your kitchen interior designer should consider socket installation inside the cupboards. To this end, your chef(s) will be plugging in the appliances easily whenever needed. It is also advisable to install more double-sockets since you may have several appliances. Don’t forget your office kitchen will also need additional appliances like the food processor and coffee machine.

  • Adequate Lighting

Adequate LightingLast but not least, you need to install adequate lighting in the kitchen. Remember this is a public kitchen and some items might be scattered because more than one person operates from there. Some items such as sharp knives and hot ovens can cause accidents, and therefore proper lighting is required. You can choose to have a combination of under-cabinet lights, ceiling lights, and pendant lights to ensure all dark corners are well illuminated.


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