benefits of high pressure showerhead

Is it Worth Paying for a High-Pressure Showerhead to Increase Water Pressure?

High-Pressure ShowerheadsIf you just bought a new home, congratulations for that significant investment! In addition to those already living in contemporary homes, you deserve a luxurious living experience in all aspects. To be sincere, water is one of the major things that make a house worth living, excluding other factors such as location and interior spaces.

When you notice a low water pressure in the entire house, it can be due to municipal water supply system or plumbing issues in your house. You can call a local plumber to assess the plumbing system and fix blockages or replace corroded pipes if problem is within your house. It could also be the main control valve that needs to be twisted all the way, and this can be done even without assistance from an expert.

Sometimes, bathroom plumbing can be the cause of low water pressure in your shower. One of the causes could be corroded pipes or a clogged showerhead. This is a DIY task that will take a few minutes to finish. However, it is advisable to check a few guides on how to clean a clogged showerhead.

That said, it is important to understand that there are different types of showerheads, basically categorized into high-pressure and low-pressure showerheads. No matter how much money you invest in a designer showerhead but without a perfect shower pressure, your shower experience will just be mind-numbing. A strong shower is essential in the morning in order to feel rejuvenated as you start the day. Now, you need to invest in an excellent high-pressure showerhead.

High-Pressure ShowerheadAs this website provides accurate information, it is important for homeowners to know that high-pressure showerheads are designed to offer a higher water pressure whereas maintaining a steady water flow. Some newest models have adjustable spray setting while others have combined spray setting and pressure chambers that provide an ideal shower pressure. The combination forces water out with an elevated pressure for a better shower experience. Therefore, let’s look at the benefits of high-pressure shower.

Benefits of High-Pressure Showerheads

Offer a better shower

FinestShower states that if you have high-pressure showerhead in your bathroom, definitely you will enjoy a good time in the room. No frustrating issues of low water pressure that won’t leave your skin sparkling clean. After a long working day, you want to have a good shower within the shortest time possible. Believe it, a high-pressure showerhead will guarantee you that!

Less time consuming

The high-pressure showerheads are fast, especially when you want to take a quick shower before going to bed. There is no need to spend almost an hour in the bathroom trying to wash off soap on your body. Getting a quick shower is one the most obvious advantage of high-pressure showerheads.

Conserves water

When water is flowing at a high pressure, it is less wasted. So, they are environmentally friendly and eco-friendly because you will also save a few bucks on your utility bills. Low-pressure showerheads tend to pour little water but for a longer time, meaning more gallons are going to be wasted on daily basis. Therefore, reduce your utility bills and save that money for other expenditure.

Provides a cleaner feeling

benefits of high pressure showerheadIf you have been using a low-pressure showerhead, perhaps you have walked out of the bathroom with some shampoo in your hair. This is possible, especially when you want to take a quick shower and rush for a meeting. With a high-pressure showerhead, it guarantees you a thorough quick rinsing. It is worth noting that shampoo buildup in the hair can damage it over time!

Prevent illness

This is true because high-pressure showerheads do not suffer from clogs often like their low-pressure counterparts. That means bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms can breed in clogged low-pressure showerheads. High-pressure showerheads wash off any bacteria, and therefore you will have no fear of contracting diseases. There are also new designs with silicon rubberized nozzles for self-cleansing, as well as resisting calcium buildup and other deposits caused by hard water.

Provides some therapeutic effect

Last but not least, a high-pressure shower has been found to offer some soothing and relaxation to exhausted muscles. According to various massage therapists, having a high-pressure shower is another version of massage that can help reduce muscle cramps and pain. Don’t forget that massage is one of the best methods to improve moods and reduce mental stress after a tiring day.

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