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Massage Chairs vs Human Massage! Does Technology Really Replace Human Touch?

Massage Chairs vs Human MassageAs they say, “money is not everything, but it is the only thing”. Nowadays, economic diversity is giving more people better opportunities to accumulate wealth and become rich. This, in turn, increases the demand for more luxurious lifestyles, especially the need for ‘self-contained’ homes. When I say self-contained homes I mean a home equipped with high-tech household products. And truly, technology continues to improve people’s lives.

Some of the most trending high-tech products are massage chairs. At first, when they were introduced in the market, they were only available in various parlor centers and salon shops. As the technology advancement hit the next level, now you can find different types of massage chairs to include in your home or office. Interestingly, they are accessible everywhere; in the malls, stores, and in everyday retail businesses.

However, will the technology used in these massage chairs going to replace the traditional human massage touch? This question is among the many aspects buyers tend to consider before buying a new massage chair. I won’t answer that question with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ options, but as you continue reading this article you will realize the difference.

Alright, the newest massage chairs are designed incorporating various customizable settings and choices. They have remotes for selecting what you want. Whether you want some massage on the lower back or around the neck region, they have features to allow you to choose an area of focus. Also, you can change settings to full-body massage therapy. For those that want some deep rub or lighter rolling, a massage chair offers the options.

But can a machine replace a trained human massage therapist? Continue reading to get the answer…

A massage therapist A massage therapist is skilled and capable of bringing about a healing effect. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you will realize a masseuse offers a holistic, comforting, and therapeutic massage therapy. This is because you can feel the touch of another human, meaning there is some energy being transferred to you from that person. A massage chair has no feelings and won’t be able to identify other hidden problems apart from massaging an aching area upon your selection. A massage therapist is trained and knowledgeable to understand where the exact problem is.

Another unbiased issue is the ability to provide the desired massage pressure. A typical massage chair is not capable of delivering exact pressure required. If you want a very deep tissue massage, the ideal pressure can be obtained from a therapist. Additionally, massage chairs cannot be adjusted to provide different massage pressure levels at the same time. For instance, there are no options to have strong tissue massage in one area and a lighter pressure in another. In short, a therapist allows a communicative massage process whereby you can point out areas where a deep or light pressure is required.

Massage Chairs: The Popular Models in the Market

Hope the ‘question’ is already answered. But, I’m not despising the fact that massage chairs are incredibly good for us. The high-end ones are even designed to mimic the human’s touch, and they can really offer some physical healing and comforting therapy. If you are in the mood to buy a new massage chair, here are some of the top quality massage chairs reviews to help you choose from.


This is one of the best selling massage chairs in the market. It is designed to provide deep body massage. It offers some improved healing and therapeutic for back pains and shoulder area.


This is another advanced massage chair with innovative Brainstonics feature inside. It is designed for firm massage therapy, which improves your mental and physical performance.


Betasonic is known to offer a relaxing massage therapy. It is designed for relaxing and softer massage. It relieves depression, anxiety, stress, and boosts moods.

Hilton 2

Hilton 2 is an exclusive massage chair that is designed for smooth silky massage action. It is also beautifully designed with easy-to-use touches.

2 Key Reasons to Buy a Massage Chair

There are several reasons to have a massage chair in your home, whether or not you seek massage therapy frequently. The two major reasons are cost and time.


The economic benefits of investing in massage chairs are usually noticed over time. Human massage is typically costly, even though the price per session may seem little. Assuming you normally pay $100 per therapy once in a month, this is $1,200 per year. A massage chair costing $5,000 will return the investment within a period of 4 years, and then continue enjoying unlimited massage therapies at your comfort.


Unlike human massage therapies, massage chairs eliminate the issue of scheduling appointments. This means you can plan your days and time well, and even incorporate other activities such as exercising.

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