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Money Still Doesn’t Grow on Trees! – Environmental Thermostats

money on treesNo one would turn down a good deal. Everyone is looking for ways to save money on anything they buy. Suppose someone reveals to you a ‘secrete’ to cut cost on all your bills by 50%? I think that cost saving is even too high! Some will want to reduce their monthly bills just by as low as 10%. This is a clear indication that money remains to be a scarce resource. However, do you agree with me that for you to save money, you must use some money first?

Alright, the issue of saving on energy bills is a concern for almost all homeowners out there. Many approaches have been attempted in order to cut energy expenses, as half of every home’s energy is spent on heating and cooling. The interesting thing with air conditioning systems is that they are ever running. When it is hot or cold, you need to cool or warm your living space respectively.

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As to what I can refer to as ‘human nature’, people will always resist to changes; whether good or bad. According to a report published last year, many homeowners are reluctant to warm up to the newly introduced energy saving gadgets – smart thermostats. Even though several homeowners have a typical thermostat, there is a significant different between a traditional thermostat and a smart thermostat as far as energy saving is concerned.

Apart from the many ‘selling-posts’ that are continuously posted on various websites for to marketing and attracting potential customers, the issue of smart thermostats should be viewed from a different perspective. We are talking about saving on energy bills, which also has a beneficial environmental impact. If you are truly for environmental protection, I can see a solid reason to have a smart thermostat.

Environmental Benefits of Using Smart Thermostats

Help to conserve natural resources

conserve natural resourcesEnergy or power is produced using natural resources. If more power is in demand, there are more power plants that will be established to cater for the increasing market demand. This is not as business as usual because more land will be developed, meaning deforestation must occur. During power production, other natural resources must be depleted.  Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on nature.

Having a smart thermostat helps to regulate your energy usage, and thus conserving power. Since the Wi-Fi thermostats can be operated remotely, you can switch off heating or cooling if no one is in the house. If almost all homeowners can regulate their energy consumption in such an efficient manner, there would be no need to connect additional power to the national grid.


The industries are already releasing a lot of heat to the environment. This heat is certainly enough so far, and we want more improved ways to prevent increasing emissions into the environment. If every home uses extremely high energy, more heat is just being released to the environment. To prevent unwanted energy usage, installing a smart thermostat is the way to go. Probably, a big percentage of homeowners forget to switch their heating systems when leaving in the house. If there is no one to turn off the system, it will continue running for hours until the owner returns in the evening. What if you just traveled overseas only to be back after a week?

However, controlling a smart thermostat is as easy as tapping on your smartphone when connected to the internet. Every smart thermostat model has its own version of a mobile app, which you can download to your tablet or any other mobile device. You can control the heating regardless of your location. If all homeowners could have this magic gadget, energy consumption can reduce by a significant margin.

Other Benefits

Save money

This is one of the basic benefits of using smart thermostats. Estimated cost of heating and cooling cost accounts for 40% to 50% of the total cost of every home’s energy consumption. By installing and using a smart thermostat properly, you can get the returns on investment within a year. Most of the newest smart thermostats have all useful features you would want for regulating your home’s climate and temperature.

Improved comfort at home

With a smart thermostat, your home’s climate and temperature can be controlled in a more accurate manner. The gadget can sense immediately whenever there is a drop or rise in temperature, and then regulate it accordingly. You just relax comfortably and let the thermostat do its job.


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